Beverly Andrews

Live classical wedding and special event musicians in southeast North Carolina.


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I recorded a few selections which work beautifully for a wedding ceremony.  These will help you decide what mood you want to create. Of course, if you have favorite songs which have special meaning to you,  I can play anything in the world for which there is sheet music!

Here is the Music Player. You need to installl flash player to show this cool thing!


Here is the Music Player. You need to installl flash player to show this cool thing!

I have categorized these recordings as “Processional” and “Recessional,”  but I have played them during receptions, anniversary or birthday parties, housewarmings, family gatherings, holiday business parties, and for many celebratory events indoors and out.

A violin can play Celtic to contemporary music, renaissance to ol’ rock ‘n roll tunes, Mendelssohn to movie melodies, and Bach to Broadway.

A solo violin is often enough, but if your occasion needs a bigger, thicker sound, I can easily arrange an ensemble for you. Since 1991, I have been playing with the finest musicians in the area.

These are combinations with which I often play:


2 violins give you a happy sound with fuller dynamics
1 violin + 1 cello give you a high voice and a low voice


2 violins + 1 cello give you the above plus more volume
2 violins + piano (keyboard for outdoors) or organ
1 violin + 1 cello + piano (keyboard for outdoors) or organ


2 violins + 1 viola + 1 cello is a favorite, classic ensemble choice.

As solo violin, I play a regal fanfare announcement for the bride. I also work with fine trumpet players who could be added to any of the above ensembles.

Because of my symphony affiliations I work with all instruments and can connect you with whatever you want!

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